Our Programs

At the core of our mission is the drive to uplift and support children, especially those facing adversities that threaten their chances of success and happiness.

Preventing Homelessness

We firmly believe that no child should ever have to face homelessness. Our efforts are centered around providing a safe haven, particularly for children aged 0-1 and teenagers. By nurturing a family-oriented environment, we aspire to quell the alarming rates of youth homelessness.

Mental Health and Well-being

We recognize the pivotal role mental health plays in a child’s growth and development. Our organization places a strong emphasis on fostering emotional well-being through therapy workshops, mental health referrals, and supportive environments that allow each child to heal and thrive.

Pregnant Teen Support

For pregnant teens who often find themselves isolated and overwhelmed, we offer comprehensive support to empower them with resources, knowledge, and care, enabling them to navigate this pivotal life phase while embracing their educational and personal aspirations.

Extracurricular Engagement

We believe in holistic development, and that includes opportunities for athletic and extracurricular pursuits. By providing children the chance to engage in activities they love, we instill in them a sense of accomplishment, teamwork, and discipline.

Transition to Adulthood

As children grow, so does our commitment. We offer mentorship, life skills training, and guidance, ensuring that the young adults leaving our group home are equipped to take on the challenges of adulthood with confidence and capability.

BNew Cares, Inc. stands as a beacon of hope for children, an embodiment of love and transformation.

Children are our passion, and through unwavering dedication, we ensure that their futures are painted with possibility and promise. Come and get involved, we can do it better together.